About Us

Welcome to Executive Gun Runners! This site is dedicated to absolutely anything related to firearms and weapons. If you are a firearm enthusiast, then you have arrived at right place.

We have been producing news articles and blog posts about firearms for five years already, and counting. And in that time, we witnessed some confuse talking about firearms with politics. In this blog, you will hear none of that. Our blog writers hail from diverse backgrounds such as game hunting, law enforcement and so on. Thus, you can expect diverse news about firearms you may never read before.

The firearms we showcase include carbine rifles, pistols, shotguns, hunting rifles, and many others. If you are even a bit interested in knowing any news about firearms, you will get updates from us straight from the firearm companies. We are that kind of firearm news blog and news source.

This is site is solely dedicated to giving you news about firearms, and nothing else. This means we appeal to a worldwide audience, instead of including country specific politics. Don’t get us wrong, but there are already many neat websites out there that defend your rights.

The owner of this site is a war veteran, and has frequently topped shooting competitions all over the globe. His expertise lies in all types of rifles, but also excels in smaller forms of firearm when needed. He has collaborated with many staff writers to create this diverse firearm news site.

If you have any comments or inquiries, please contact us. You may also advertise with us if you are interested to share your passion for firearms to the rest of the world. Your brand will surely be exposed to thousands of people daily. Guest posting is also welcome if you wish to write for us. Feel free to contact us on this page for guest posts.