How to Mount a Gun Safe in Your Home

Most, if not all firearm enthusiasts, will have a firearm collection deposited in their homes. However, the last thing you want is for them falling to the wrong hands. The best way of doing this is through mounting a gun safe.

After reading this article, you will learn everything necessary to mount your own gun safe at home.

Secure a safe built with thick steel

It has to be fireproof and heat resistant just in case.

Look for a good spot to mount your gun safe

You want to find a spot that isn’t very humid, since it might damage the safe and its contents. I would recommend the basement, provided it isn’t humid. The basement is usually the last to give in to fire or theft. The safe would be too heavy to be lifted up the stairs. Place it somewhere hidden in the basement.

Create a path when positioning your safe

Do this even when hiring professionals to move your safe for you. Make sure there are no furniture, pets, children, or other objects that may obstruct your path to the basement. When you try to install the safe yourself, ask for help on carrying the large load. It is no easy task to move a safe downstairs, without damaging the stairs or floor. You want to rent a dolly for moving gun safes.

Make sure your floor is supported

The best gun safes are made with thick, heavy steel. If ever you decide to mount your gun safe to an upper floor, make sure to give the necessary support the flooring needs. Ask help from experts on determining the structural capacity of your floor, when in doubt.

Transfer your safe to the dolly

Before doing this, check out if you can open the safe through its designated lock combination. You do not want to mount your safe only to find out you cannot unlock it. Once you are sure it can be opened, proceed to transferring it from the shipping pallet to the dolly.

Make sure your gun safe is leveled

It can cause problems for you in the long term. Use wood shims to level your safe. This is a safe method of leveling your gun safe.

Lastly, bolt your safe to the floor with all of its four corners

This will keep it safe from potential theft.

These basic steps are all you need to mounting your gun safe. Again, do not forget to ask for help if you have any concerns and questions.

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