4 Benefits of a Ride on Mower Over a Push Mower

Lawn mowers make lawn care a lot easier by hastening the process of trimming.

There are many types of lawn mowers, but I will discuss to you two types: the ride on mower (or zero turn mower) and the push mower. The ride on mower, as the name suggests, let you ride on top of the machine as it trims your lawn. The push mower, in contrast, is smaller in comparison.

In this article, I will discuss to you the benefits of a ride on mower compared to the push on variant.


Ride on mowers are more convenient than push on mowers, since the person pushing might tire. However, ride on mowers do all the work of mowing for you. This is quite ideal in large lawns or grass fields.

Large Clip

The ride on mower saves a large amount of time by carrying large clips. Push on mowers can only carry so much, and the operator will have to use his time emptying the clips. You want a ride on mower to get a job done fast.

Mows Obstacles

Mowers are meant to cut grass. Not all mowers are created to mow on weeds and brushes though. These thick obstacles may choke any push on mower, but ride on mowers can easily digest these obstructions. A bonus is added protection the operator, since ride on mowers protect them from spraying debris.

Good Investment

Ride on mowers are obviously more expensive than their push on relatives. However, if you plan to do some considerable amount of mowing for the years to come, I would recommend making an investment on a ride on mower. They can finish the job much more efficiently as can be seen above.

Of course, push on mowers have many advantages to them as well. They are ideal for small lawns that need tight turns. They are considerably cheaper as well, and require less maintenance. Lastly, they can be safer to use on steep roads where ride on mowers may not have full control.

Nonetheless, for medium to large plots of lands, it will always be ideal to have a ride on mower ready for use.

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