5 Steps on Cleaning Your Gun

Cleaning your gun is a necessity all owners have to face. As hard as it may seem, the steps can actually summarized to simple set of five. First thing is first though, you need to be relax and settled on your comfy recliner. Once ready and settled,  here are the steps when you want to clean your gun:

Unload and remove the bolt.

Before proceeding to the main steps of gun cleaning, open the gun first to see if it isn’t loaded. Remove its clip and take out its bolt. Afterwards, brush it with cleaning solvent.

Swab its barrel

As you set aside the bolt, attach your cleaning rod with a bronze brush. Soak it in gun solvent and clean the inside of your barrel. Continue to clean it until it is spick and span.

Scrub the barrel

After soaking your tool with the solvent, stick your bronze brush down the barrel to loosen the gunk inside. You can then run a cloth patch down the barrel to clean any remaining carbon outside the muzzle. Repeat this as you see fit.

Run patches on barrel

Soak your patches with the solvent, and run them down your barrel. After using each patch, replace them with a new one and repeat. Continue to do this until the patches you get are satisfactorily clean.

Apply lubricant

After you are done with the needed soaking and scrubbing, lightly apply rust preventing oil on your barrel. Do not overdo it, since this will not benefit your gun at all.

Hopefully these five steps are easily followed. Do you think there are more steps that should be included? If so, let us know in the comments.

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